Out March 9, 2021


Pop-Pop Airplane is back to teach you all about what it's like to fly in the sky! From the moment you arrive at the airport, all the way until you touch down safely at your destination, you will know exactly what to expect before you get on your first flight!

Have you ever been on an airplane in the sky? Do you know what the airport is, or what it's like? Well, Pop-Pop Airplane is here to teach you everything you need to know about your first flight! In Let's Go Fly with Pop-Pop Airplane you will learn all about the airport, what to take with you on the plane, how take-off and landing happen, and just how much fun it can be to fly through the sky! Fasten your seatbelts, because it's time to fly with Pop-Pop Airplane!

"By showing readers the magic and simple mechanics of flight, author Dan Pegram encourages curiosity in the world around them, preparing kids to become lifelong learners – and confident travelers. Pop-Pop Airplane, How Do You Fly? imparts empowering principles through the joy of aviation, and I’m thrilled to see a member of the Southwest family carrying on our commitment to educating future leaders."
— GARY KELLY | Chairman & CEO of Southwest Airlines

"Pop-Pop Airplane, How Do You Fly? is a great introduction to basic aerodynamics for young readers. Capt. Pegram’s easy-to-understand treatment of the technology of flight fills a long-standing void in children’s literature and is sure to inspire young minds to learn more about the science of aviation."
– BRUCE A. BLEAKLEY | Retired Air Force Veteran, Aviation Historian and Author, and Former Director of the Frontiers of Flight Museum and the San Diego Aerospace Museum


Do you ever see a plane fly by in the sky and wonder, “How does it work?” Well, Pop-Pop Airplane is here to help every young and curious mind understand how airplanes take flight and take them on unparalleled adventures.

Pop-Pop Airplane, How Do You Fly? successfully introduces concepts of engineering to youthful readers, giving them an easy-to-follow, age-appropriate lesson in how lift is created in aeronautics. Through the first book in The Adventures of Pop-Pop Airplane series, children will rhyme and read about the wings, the engine, and even little-known parts of the plane – like the ailerons or the elevators. With Pop-Pop’s guidance, readers will be better prepared to fly the friendly skies with confidence, and they will feel the spark of imagination every time they watch a plane sailing overhead, or hop on board for a family trip.


  Author Dan Pegram welcomes you aboard with a personal introduction to Pop-Pop Airplane, How Do You Fly?

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